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Kimbra White Performance Horses

Hello my name is Kim White, I have ridden, competed, trained and taught for many years in a multitude of different disciplines. I enjoy teaching all aspects of horses and level of riders. I started my passion for horses at a young age of 3, riding with my sisters. As soon as I was able to join 4-H, which gave me a great foundation, I took those skills and started showing paints on a very rigorous schedule, traveling and competing across the United States. Winning many State, Regional and World Titles. I then decided I wanted to start training and teaching, I have had the opportunity to train and show some very nice horses over the past years from Paints, Pintos, Quarter Horses, Friesians, Arabians, Mustangs and Mules. I have helped Customers reach goals they never thought could happen and that is the best part of my job. My philosophy is… success is measured by effort, so if someone is willing to make an effort I am willing to teach whatever it is they want to learn.